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Crickets (180g) – Party Box - VOLUME DISCOUNT!

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Crickets (180g) – Party Box - VOLUME DISCOUNT!

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Select your favorite combination of Party Bugs products you want to have in your Party Box! | With Mexican BBQ there are two alternatives: (1) The regular Mexican BBQ which is SOMEWHAT HOT (Contains cayennepepper, but is still just moderately spicy.), and (2) The milder Mexican BBQ which is NOT HOT (Contains black pepper but hardly any cayennepepper.)

Product description


9 x Party Bugs


9 Party Bugs products in a Box. That is a real Party Box!

Buy a whole box of Party Bugs with a mix from our three different taste variations which are the spicy Mexican BBQ (Original), sweet Asian Fusion (Original), and Salty Liquorice.

Please send us a message where you tell us the mix you want in your box!

As our crickets are not deep-fried but roasted, our crickets do not contain trans fats that are so common in traditional snacks.

Party Bugs flavors the party!

A healthier party snack made of edible insects brings party food to the next level.

Our roasted crickets come from the highest quality farmers and are seasoned for the most cravable flavors.

Party Bugs is a party snack for the next generation.

Eating healthier and saving the planet has never been this fun!

Taste the party!

After an extensive comparison, we found a top certified and socially responsible cricket farmer whose crickets are the most delicious on the market.

Our crickets may not be the cheapest because we only accept the best!

Read more about Party Bugs' news and stories!

Product details

Product Description

The combination of your choice from Party Bugs products Mexican BBQ (Original), Asian Fusion (Original), and Salty Liquorice.




Kombinationen av ditt val från Party Bugs-produkter Mexican BBQ (Original), Asian Fusion (Original) och Salty Liquorice.




Die Kombination Ihrer Wahl aus Party Bugs-Produkten Mexican BBQ (Original)Asian Fusion (Original) und Salty Liquorice.

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