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Roasted edible crickets for cooking – Bug Bazaar

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Product description


Roasted house crickets (acheta domesticus).

Why Eat Crickets?

Let's cook with crickets!

Start your insect food gourmet adventure and buy the highest quality insects from Bug Bazaar.

Do you want to create a banquet with insects, make your own experiments or just munch our healthy and delicious crickets as snacks? Crickets are an excellent nutritional additive to almost any recipe.

Crickets have a crunchy texture and an umami flavor like parmesan, bread, popcorn, almonds or a roasted chickpea. It is amazing how many different tastes people find in this product! It fits both in the kitchen and an evening in front of a TV show.

Crickets are full of protein and they offer a satisfying crunch. You can supplement your protein intake by using Bug Bazaar's cricket flour in baked goods like cookies, pancakes, or biscuits.

The roasted house cricket also functions excellently as a neutralizer in wine tastings! Try and next time you can leave bread on the shelf!

Bǚg Bazaar’s our own brands are already now compliant with the EU insect food regulations taking effect on the 1st of January 2020!

Insects Are Superfood!

Edible insects are rich in nutrients. The house insects contain plenty of protein, iron, creatine, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and B12 in addition to which there is the fish’s type of omega fatty acid division between the omega-3 and omega-6.

As our crickets are not deep-fried but roasted, our crickets do not contain trans fats that are so common in traditional snacks.

Did you know that in grasshoppers, there are five times more antioxidants than in oranges?

With its high B12 vitamin content and its healthy nourishment composition, insect food is highly recommended for balancing otherwise mostly vegetarian diets.

As insects lose about 75% of their weight as the water evaporates during the roasting/drying, they are a real power food.

Nature Loves the Insectivore!

Insect food can help us in keeping the food system within environmental limits. To get a kilogram of beef one needs 12 times more feed, 100 times more room and 22 000 times more water than growing a kilogram of insects. The insects offer a new lasting, ethical and delicious way to produce the proteins which are necessary to all of us.


Roasted crickets absorb the tastes deliciously especially when fried in oil with spices.

You can rehydrate roasted crickets in hot water for five minutes and use them like fresh crickets. As Andrew Zimmern in the video below uses living crickets, you can as well create the same dish by using roasted crickets.

We are collecting and developing a list of links to insect food recipes on Bug Bazaar's webpages.

The roasted house cricket is an extremely lasting raw material in the cooking. As one kilo of roasted crickets is actually made from four kilograms of fresh crickets, you will probably not need more than a half a kilo of roasted crickets to prepare for ten-liter cricket pasta sauce. Therefore, one kilo of roasted house cricket is probably more than enough for a big party meal.

Product details

Our crickets are not the cheapest because we only accept the best!

After an extensive comparison, we found a top-certified and socially responsible cricket farmer whose crickets are the most delicious on the market.

Product Description

Ingredients: Farmed and roasted crickets (99%; acheta domesticus) from Thailand.

Nutritional Information (per 100g)

  • Energy 1676 kJ / 397 kcal
  • Fat 7.9 g of which Saturates 2.8 g
  • Carbohydrate 11 g of which Sugars 0 g
  • Fiber 0 g
  • Protein 71 g
  • Salt 0,96 g


    Insects may cause an allergic reaction to those who are allergic to, for example, dust mites or shrimp. Food allergens are proteins. Sensitization to insect proteins is possible, just like any other food protein. The proteins that insects contain are similar to the proteins of e.g. crustaceans and mollusks. Thus persons who are allergic to prawns, for example, may have an allergic reaction from insect food. Insects may contain traces of gluten.


    Ingrediens: Hussyrsor (99%; acheta domesticus) från Thailand. Näringsinnehåll (100g): Energi 1829 kJ/435 kcal (, varav från fett 147 kcal), fett 16 g (, varav mättade fettsyror 5,7 g), kolhydrater 12 g (, varav sockerarter 3,4 g), iber 1,6 g, protein 60 g, salt 2,3 g.


    Man kan vara allergisk mot insektmat. Matallergenerna är proteiner. Man kan bli allergisk mot insektproteiner på samma sätt som mot andra proteiner i maten. Proteinerna i insekter är jämförbara med proteinerna i t.ex. skaldjur och blötdjur. Därför kan en person som är allergisk mot t.ex. räkor få en allergisk reaktion av insektmat.

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