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Garlic & Herbs - Spicy Mealworms (18g) - JIMINI'S

Garlic & Herbs - Spicy Mealworms (18g) - JIMINI'S

Garlic & Herbs - Spicy Mealworms (18g) - JIMINI'S

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  • Ready to eat mealworms – 1 to 2 people
  • 18g of crispy and seasoned edible mealworms
  • Insects contain similar allergens to shellfish
  • Cooked in France with 100% European edible insects. 100% natural.

Because edible insects are not controlled by the French Food Safety Authority, this product is not officially food in Finland. Therefore, this product is sold as a decorative insect using the product VAT 24% instead of the food VAT 14%.


Fall for the surprising crunch of our edible mealworms, finely seasoned with Garlic & Herbs!

Mealworm is an edible insect species, also known as the Tenebrio molitor. The taste is sophisticated, close to almonds and cashew nuts. Eating insects in Europe is not yet a common practice, that’s the reason why JIMINI'S decided to present their insects with seasonings, as it brings a crunchy and tasty Appetizer crisp.

Cooked in our Melun facilities at one hour from Paris, JIMINI'S uses high-quality spices and ingredients to excite your taste buds. Guaranteed without artificial seasoning, nor conservatives and prepared with JIMINI'S « French touch » recipes, you can safely discover entomophagy (the practice of eating mealworms and other insects), with Jimini's Garlic and Herbs Mealworms.


The Mealworm has a subtle taste, close to almonds and cashew nuts. JIMINI'S empowered the taste experience of this funny insect by creating a not-to-be-missed recipe of Garlic & Herbs. This will make your taste buds dance for the Apéritif!

Edible Mealworms (also known as a mealworm or Tenebrio Molitor) can perfectly and easily fit (or replace) nuts, raisins, or salted biscuits during your next Appetizer. These edible worms can even be a substitute for chocolate bits in pastries, for the more creatives! In the making of salty pies, they can easily replace ham cubes. You can also decide to fry and eat them instead of bacon bits. However, to start, why don’t we grab a grub for the next Appetizer?


If by any chance, you decide to start your own insect rearing for human consumption, you should definitely start with edible mealworms.

Mealworms are insects following the same development as butterflies, which means that larvae don’t look like adults and occur a complete metamorphosis of their body. As a matter of fact, once adults, mealworms become small beetles. This stage of development is called cocoons for butterflies and nymphs for beetles. Edible mealworm is ready-to-eat before this cocoon stage when still at the larval stage. If you start your own insects rearing, you will be able to watch all the life cycles of these funny edible mealworms. You won’t need much time and care, it’s really simple and ludic!


For the last couple of years, public awareness of entomophagy is increasing. Indeed, this trend is becoming more and more common with manufactured products' arrival in Europe which can be bought in physical stores. There is more, with JIMINI’S, mealworms are not only a culinary curiosity for adventurers lacking thrills! It is now a true and ready-to-eat appetizer condiment.

Nowadays, entomophagy can benefit from the support of world-famous institutions (FAO, OMS, etc…) and gain more and more Western countries. In Belgium, you can find tapenades and pasta with mealworms whereas many companies develop insects flour and protein bars in the US and Canada.

Even if eating mealworms isn’t mainstream yet, entomophagy’s evolution is far from the TV reality shows. Don’t forget: Appetite comes with eating!

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    WARNING! Insects may cause an allergic reaction to those who are allergic to, for example, dust mites or shrimp. Food allergens are proteins. Sensitization to insect proteins is possible, just like to any other food proteins. The proteins that insects contain are similar to the proteins of e.g. crustaceans and mollusks. Thus persons who are allergic to prawns, for example, may have an allergic reaction from insect food.

    Nutritional information:


    Per 100g:
    Total fat 26g
    (of which saturates)6.4g
    Total carbohydrate19g
    (of which sugars)2.7g
    Dietary fiber15.0g

    High in protein and high in fiber

    Net weight: 18 grams

    Ingredients: Whole dehydrated mealworms (Tenebrio molitor), seasonings [salt, garlic 20% (naturally present sulfites), sugar, aromatic plants 18%, pepper, spices, natural flavorings, stabilizer (acacia gum).

    Allergens: Insects may contain gluten and have the same allergens as crustaceans, mollusks, and dust mites. May contain traces of sesame, milk, and sulfites.

    Storage: 8 to 12 months depending on batch number. Store in a dry place away from light. Ready to eat and best before 3 days after opening.


    OBS! Kan innehålla av sesam, sulfiter och mjölk. Insekter kan förorsaka allergiska reaktioner. Korsallergi är möjlig hos personer som är allergiska mot kräftdjur, blötdjur och/eller husdammskvalster.

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