Tomato Powder (2 kg)

Tomato Powder (2 kg)

Tomato Powder (2 kg)

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Why use tomato powder?

One kilo of tomato powder contains the vitamins, trace elements, and flavor you get by eating about twenty kilos of fresh tomatoes.

 Fresh tomatoes contain 95% water. If you buy tomato puree, you also pay for the water contained in the puree. On the contrary, tomato powder is 100% whole stuff!

Why the hell does Bug Bazaar sell spices and aromas?

We buy spices and aromas for our products in wholesale lots that contain more powder than we need in the short run. To keep our powder inventory fresh, we sell the excess powder.

After a huge wholesale sack arrives, we repack its contents in smaller vacuum bags that are easier to handle and preserve better aromas than heavy, already-opened wholesale sacks.


What Does Tomato Powder Taste Like?

Powdered tomato delivers a hit of pure tomato flavor, with all the bright, complex acidity you expect from tomatoes but concentrated in a powdered form. It's like the essence of tomato; when reconstituted, it's every bit as flavorful as tomato paste or tomato sauce. You can cook this down to concentrate the flavors and caramelize the sugars, and you may want to add salt and other seasonings.  


Tomato powder uses – How to use tomato powder?

Use tomato powder in your recipes as a spice or seasoning to give your food an umami taste, or mix the powder with water, olive oil, and spices to make your tomato sauce, which you can use, for example, on pizzas and pasta. 

When cooking with tomato powder, you can incorporate it into spice rubs, sprinkle it over chicken and fish before roasting, or over roasted potatoes and other root veggies, in bread doughs, or as a seasoning or garnish atop cooked rice, pasta, vegetables, or eggs. 

Added to soups, it imparts a deep, intense tomato flavor. It's marvelous sprinkled over popcorn or corn on the cob. And for a real treat, sprinkle it over thick slabs of fresh summer tomatoes. 

You can also use tomato powder as an instant tomato paste, which comes in handy when a recipe calls for a small amount of tomato paste, like one tablespoon, leaving you with most of a can, which inevitably gets moldy in the fridge. Instead, combine tomato powder and hot water equal to the amount of tomato paste you need. So, for example, to make 1/4 cup of tomato paste, you'd combine two tablespoons of tomato powder and two tablespoons of hot water. You can adjust the proportions to make your paste thicker or thinner. In the same way, you can make tomato sauce, tomato juice, or tomato soup.


Dried tomato from Spain.

Nutritional Information (per 100g)

Energy 1353kj/320kcal, fat 0.86g (of which saturated fatty acids 0.29g), carbohydrates 55.70 (of which sugars 3.5g), fiber 44.10g, protein 15.30g, and salt 0.63g.


Store the tomato powder in airtight containers or something with a tight-fitting lid in a dry part of the refrigerator or a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Tomato powder tends to absorb moisture, so if your container is large enough, you can place a small amount of uncooked rice in a mesh bag or packet and store that in the tomato powder packet. Like all dried spices, tomato powder will start to lose some flavor after six months, but it will still function, and refrigerating will extend its shelf life almost indefinitely.

Tomato powder is typically just one ingredient (the tomatoes), but adding some salt to the powder will enhance the flavor and also make it last longer.

Salt is a preservative and will keep the fresh powder longer. If you add salt, modify your recipe if it also calls for salt. You don’t want to oversalt your delicacies!

If the powder hardens, chip it out and run it through the coffee grinder.


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