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Coconut toffee-brittle Bugitos (42g) – Mealworm Products – Don Bugito

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Coconut toffee-brittle Bugitos (42g) – Mealworm Products – Don Bugito

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Product description

In Finland, this American snack product has not been imported to the EU as food and it is officially not food but a decoration. It is sold as a decorative insect using the product VAT 24% instead of the food VAT 14%.

Product Description

QTY: 42g

Coconut Brittle Bugitos are mealworms fully toasted for crunch and then covered with melted sugar and organic dry coconut. Think caramelized popcorn minus the carbs and the fat, yet loaded with protein and amino acids! The product is a perfect sweet treat that is good for you and good for the planet!

Don Bugito’s mealworms come from our local farm dedicated to raising the highest quality insects for human consumption. Mealworms are farmed and raised on a natural diet of organic bran and organic carrots.


Organic Toasted Mealworms, Organic Coconut, Cane Sugar, Organic Puffed Amaranth Seeds, Cinnamon Oil.

Product details


It is possible to be allergic to insect food. Food allergens are proteins. Sensitisation to insect proteins is possible, just like to any other food proteins. The proteins that insects contain are similar to the proteins of e.g. crustaceans and molluscs. Thus persons who are allergic to prawns, for example, may have an allergic reaction from insect food.


OBS! Man kan vara allergisk mot insektmat. Matallergenerna är proteiner. Man kan bli allergisk mot insektproteiner på samma sätt som mot andra proteiner i maten. Proteinerna i insekter är jämförbara med proteinerna i t.ex. skaldjur och blötdjur. Därför kan en person som är allergisk mot t.ex. räkor få en allergisk reaktion av insektmat.

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