Lime aroma powder

Lime aroma powder

  • Lime aroma powder
  • Lime aroma flavor powder
  • Lime aroma flavour powder

Lime aroma powder (100g)

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The Usage of Lime Aroma Powder

Use lime aroma powder in cooking and drinks.

Note that we don't sell lime essential oil but powder. Lime flavoring powder is not sticky; you can mix it with other powders. Why not use it to make your spice mixes!

Why the hell does Bug Bazaar sell spices and aromas?

We buy spices and aromas for our products in wholesale lots that contain more powder than we need in the short run. To keep our powder inventory fresh, we sell the excess powder.

After a huge wholesale sack arrives, we repack its contents in smaller vacuum bags that are easier to handle and preserve better aromas than heavy, already-opened wholesale sacks.

It is challenging to find lime aroma powder retail size portions, and you probably don't want to pay 1500 euros to get 20 kg of the aroma powder if you only need a few hundred grams or less. From us, you can order lime aroma powder on a retail and small business scale!


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General Information about Lime

Lime (Citrus aurantiifolia) is a citrus tree (Citrus) belonging to the Rutaceae family, which comes from Southeast Asia. Lime is a natural cross between sucat lemon and Citrus micrantha. Limes are grown in tropical regions all over the world. Its fruit is called the same name, although the fruit is often mistakenly called its foreign name, lime. The fruit of a lime is green and smaller than a lemon, and is juicy and sour. Its flesh is pale yellow-green.

The lime tree is shrub-like and grows to a height of about five meters. There are also miniature varieties that can be grown indoors or in a greenhouse. The tree's oval leaves resemble orange leaves. The flowers are about 2.5 centimeters in diameter and yellowish white in color, with a hint of pale purple on the outer edges.

Usage of Lime

Lime fruit juice is often used in beverages such as alcoholic drinks (for example margarita, mojito, caipirinha and Cuba libre) and as an ingredient in soft drinks and juices. Lime is a basic ingredient in Mexican and Thai cuisine.

Lime juice or grated rind is mostly used in cooking.

Lime can also be used to decorate food or drinks as slices or blocks.

Lime juice contains a lot of vitamin C, which is why it has been used to fight scurvy. The British Navy introduced a daily dose of lime juice to combat scurvy on its ships in the 18th century. British sailors got the nickname limey from this, which became common to mean Britons in general.

Lime Oil

Lime oil (lat. aetheroleum limettae) is an essential oil pressed or distilled from the peels of limes and other citrus fruits, such as lemons. It contains citral, linalool and linalyl acetate. Lime oil is used in the production of beverages and perfumes as well as in cleaning products and aromatherapy.

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